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The project was designed to respectfully integrate the booths within the environmental context.

Special consideration was given to landscape features as well as limiting environmental pollution such as particulates and noise.

The new tollbooths are located within the territory in a discreet and continuous manner, using the elements that are drawn from the surrounding landscape.

The earth dunes and the rows of poplar cypresses recall the riverbanks, the coastal dunes and the rows of trees that are characteristic qualities of the scenery along the Venice-Trieste route. The earth dunes planned for the project also diminish sound, protecting the surrounding territory’s integrity, and allow water to be collected in a single basin, water that can then be purified from the particulates and used to water the green areas.


The dunes are covered with vetiver and cortaderia richardii (toe toe grass), plants that have been chosen for their easy maintenance and are, therefore, particularly cost-effective over time in terms of economy and resources (e.g. water).

Both the office facilities and the technical-electrical facilities are located within the dunes both to integrate them into the landscape and to contain thermal dispersion.



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design team

G. Traverso, P. Vighy
M. Vio, A. Rizzotto, E. Stella

photo credits