Nuove sorgenti e tecnologie digitali
permettono di pensare l’illuminazione
in modo interattivo con grandi potenzialità
di valorizzazione degli spazi urbani
nelle ore notturne.

urban nature skatepark


What happens when the artificial mixes with forces of nature; what if urban punks found themselves surfing in open sea or riding waves of magma?

The project for the Alingsås skate arena is a 12 minutes light show were we integrated the floor washing light of a sequence of about 20 Philips LED colour blast with the special projected effects of 4 Martin Moving Heads.  Visual effects were highlight by two big traxon mesh screen fixed on two opposite towers.

The rhythm of the show, based on natural sounds, move the light from quiet, to shocking effects, moving light levels from daylight to darkness.

To allow skaters moving on the dark we provide a grid of UV paint lighted up with a sequence or UV fluorescent tubes.

We looked at the skate park like a kind of “connector” between the town and the landscape, meeting point of the Alingsås young people.

We started discussing with local skaters and bikers about the emotions they have skating in the arena:  the continuous and circular movements and touch with the surrounding nature give them concentration and relaxation. From this consideration we start to develop the concept for the lightshow, trying to expand their experience in the skate park.

The show starts with a moon (projected) dancing on the concrete floor and than moving up on a LED screen, after tht simulated morning daylight arrives, moving on green-forest effects and than to a big volcanoes eruption. Big moving sea waves wash out the lava from the skate surface and move the scene to a submarine dark atmosphere. The last scene want to simulate the contrast between town and landscape: a big (projected) Mr PACMAN moves quickly and flashing on the UV paint grid and on the LED screens.



PLDA Comune di Alingsås

design team

G. Traverso, E. Thunstrom,
O. De Vries, A. Malmberg,
O. Carlsson-Freden, A. Camilla,
M. Jacob Ostlund, D. Kristoffer

photo credits

Robert Persson