umbrella stand


The design for this stand was focused on the need to create a trade show system that possessed low assembly and storage costs, and at the same time maintained high quality formal standards.

With this in mind, a modular structure system with parts that could be easily assembled and stored within an extremely reduced volume of space was studied.

The base module is a shaped, poplar plywood structure with a metal joint that facilitates assembly operations.

The space inside is controlled and adjusted using printed, semi-transparent PVC separating panels and an integrated lighting system.

The wall closures are built using PVC canvas “skins” that can be interchanged and, as a consequence, easily renovate the outer appearance of exhibit space at a very low cost.

The same philosophy of easy assembly and storage space reduction was applied to the inner furnishings.



Pegaso Srl

design team

G. Traverso, P. Vighy
G.Muñoz, S. Fries

photo credits