travelling salvagnini pavilion


Every year Salvagnini develops its commercial activities through numerous fairs in Asia, Europe, and America and through open houses in diverse showrooms of foreign centers.

The aim of the project is the construction of a multi-level, modular, itinerant pavilion that in turn expresses the product and modular systems produced by Salvagnini.

The pavilion is composed of modules (3x3m), for the bar and the office, that can be placed horizontally or in double layers, to adapt to diverse requirements.

The portable structure of the module was thought to be completely made with the machinery produced by Salvagnini: beams and columns in 3mm punched and folded sheet metal, the joints are constructed with 15mm steel plates cut with a laser.

The curtain walls were made with ultra-light materials to simplify its assemblage and to guarantee adaquate sound isolation: aluminium and polycarbonate resin thermoplastic.

In 2002, this structure was erected in the fairs of Bari, Bologna, Milan, Paris, Lyon, Sinsheim, Hannover, Stockholm, Birmingham, and Chicago.



Salvagnini Italia Spa

design team

G. Traverso, P. Vighy
F. Ceretta, C. Person
K. Haselrieder

photo credits