salvagnini technical center


The building is located in Izumi, strategically close to the Kansai airport, and functions as the local Salvagnini headquarters. The office is a modern hi-tech base for client sales and technical assistance services.

The structure can be seen as a blend between Japanese and Italian cultures combining to give life to a small technologically-refined building. The long hallway that spans across the various functional areas of the entire building recalls the business philosophy of the Italian headquarters.

The choice of materials – reinforced concrete, glass and sheet metal – is decidedly Italian but there are many elements that elicit Japanese architecture.  For example, the building’s internal courtyard recalls the role of light in Japanese culture and has been conceived as a “lantern of diffused light”.  Also, the interior spaces join an absolute visual transparency with a flawless acoustical soundproofing. Likewise, inspired by Japanese culture is the choice to make the hallways and the walkways converge towards the central courtyard so that the eye always encounters, from each independent point of view, the green harmony of the trees.



Salvagnini Italia Spa

design team

G. Traverso, P. Vighy
A. Cipriano, C. Person

photo credits