La luce, il mezzo attraverso il quale noi vediamo,
è elemento capace di effettuare una completa
trasformazione della percezione dello spazio
e in grado di stimolare una esperienza sensoriale
nuova ed emozionante.

notte e tempo


Notte e Tempo (Night and Time) is an urban installation developed with extremely low levels of light which emerge from the dark cavity of the city, where many lampposts were purposely dimmed.

The lighting project is conceived as a glowing “book cover” to the event “Vicenza, Città dell’architettura n°0” on the façade of Palazzo Cordellina in Vicenza (September 21st and 30th, 2012).

The installation, commissioned by the Vicenza Department of Cultural Affairs, seeks to attract tourists and visitors to the breadth of architectural exhibits inside the building.

The design is a 4-minute, repetitive light show realized with light projected from a complex system of moving gobos and LED spotlights (Coemar): a story narrated in the darkness of Via Riale, which reinterprets the compositional aspects of Palazzo Cordellina’s façade, bringing to life single architectural elements of which columns, windows, mascarons, metopes and triglyphs.



Comune di Vicenza
La città dell’architettura n°0

design team

G. Traverso, A. L. Friel
Andrea Cera (sound design)

photo credits