Poniamo molta attenzione
al benessere delle persone,
cercando di dare risalto
alla continuità visiva
con gli spazi esterni
e al ritmo circadiano
della luce naturale.

Modelling Daylight


Modelling Daylight (edited by Giovanni Traverso)



The history of electrical lighting is just over a century old: in recent decades, the continued improvement of energy efficiency in lamps has made the substitution and integration of natural light with artificial light increasingly accessible.  The direct consequence has been a diminishing awareness of the fundamental notions of natural light.

The current focus on  greater respect for  the environment, energy efficiency and man’s psychophysical wellbeing are certainly guiding us towards a new architectural design, redirecting attention to the context, the cultural spirit of place, and encouraging a sound understanding of the quality of natural light.

This manual aims to raise awareness and sensitize readers that light can be a founding element in architectural design, capable of positively modifying the experience of the inhabitant.

edited by

Giovanni Traverso


G. Traverso, P. Vighy

final drawings

A. Friel, B. Modolo

photo credits

Alessandra Chemollo
Stefan Buzas
Liane Rulian


Cover-Dome of shadows

Victoria Janok
Davie Mojica

1-Light wings

Prandej Boondej
Chee Kean Lim
Martino Messi

2-Sunlight umbrellas

Liane Rulian Ee
Elena Panza
Lin Zhang

3-Time collectors

Amanda Byars
Daniel Mikolaschek
Robert Riggio