illy lighting


The project, conducted by the studio traverso-vighy and with a Masters in Light Design from IAUV, they develop an innovative System of illumination designed “explicitly” for Illycaffè.

A plant is defined as Polymorphic when it contains characteristics such as flexibility and adaptability in which the light changes with the darkness over the course of the day.

Illycaffè has reintroduced the great potential of design dedicated to illumination.  Light is identified as a key element contributing to changes in the perception of space giving a  diversity that varies in time and with time.

The large capacity for adaptation of the Polymorphic Illumination System is given to the fact that it permits a balance depending on the need, the three variables of light:

– light intensity corresponds to the quantity of light

– the color of the light corresponds to the tone utilized

– the distribution of the light depends on the blend of diverse light sources and diffuse light and also on direct light or light that merely grazes the surfaces

The quality of the light offered by the Polymorphic Illumination System recreates the variability of natural light, supplying a warm atmosphere to the space for those who work in the bar daily and also for the client.





design team

G. Traverso, P. Vighy
M. Vio, M. Lai, G. Piva,
A. Cipriano, C. Person, A. Viviona

photo credits